12 extreme feats of gaming to attempt while home quarantined

Look, it’s a stressful time right now. No one likes being confined to their home, unable to go out and see their friends and family. But we are gamers! We made isolating ourselves away from people and society both a science and an art!

All kidding aside, we know that social isolation might be making you go stir crazy, and we feel for you. If your home library or Steam backlog just isn’t scratching your gaming itch, here are a few more extreme gaming feats you can aim for. They might have seemed unreachable in the past, but there is time now…

There is nothing but time…

Become honestly competitive in your game of choice

Let’s start with competitive gaming. Do you think you are hot stuff in your favorite fighting game, shooter, or MOBA?

You’re not.

It takes hundreds and even thousands of hours of playtime and practice to play any of these games at a professional level, or for that matter even at an intermediate level. We love to say that we are good at long as we have a handle on the base mechanics, but really “gittin gud” requires so much more time.

And as we said before, we have time now.

So start diving deep into your game of choice. Look up professional play forums and reddits. Start honing up on skills and drills that will take your game to the next level. If you hit a wall, hit the lab and try again. Perfect that combo. Get on Discord and work through a new team comp. Challenge opponents online, the hardest you can find.

Look, we might be in quarantine for a while, but it won’t be forever. If we all started honing our skills right now, do you have any idea what the e-sports scene would look like when everything returns to “normal?” So much new talent. So many new teams. We could change the face of e-sports as we know it?

Or we could just get good enough to stomp our friends into the ground via online play. You know, whichever goal suits you.

100% your favorite game

If competitive games aren’t your style, then maybe it’s time to truly exhaust the single-player games you have come to know and love.

Completionist runs take a long time. We aren’t talking about just seeing all the game’s content. We mean getting every item, leveling up everyone to 99, earning every achievement, pouring your heart and soul into everything a game has to offer. If you just don’t find yourself enjoying anything new, then this might be the way to go. Boot up an older game and just squeeze the life out of it.

Look at it this way, you’ll get a lot from just playing a game in its entirety. Aside from bragging rights, you can honestly count yourself among “experts” that have seen everything there is to do in a game. That allows you to do what’s next on our list…

Write a guide/walkthrough

If you really have squeezed all the life and content out of a game, then maybe it’s time to start helping others do the same. If you really think you know everything there is to know about a certain game, then show it off. Write a guide and post it on GameFAQs or Reddit or really wherever you want to show it off. Maybe you just want to show it off to your friends.

Not only will your guide help out the gaming community, but if it’s really complete, like full of images and sidebars and really in-depth facts, you might even be able to pitch it to a major guide publisher or game journalism outlet. Then, before you know it, your little hobby has become a freelance gig that can earn you some real money.

Learn to speedrun

Another sort of mastery that requires both time and a devoted love to a single game is the art of the speedrun. We’ve done quite a few articles on how to break into speedrunning, and now is as good a time as ever. Pick a game, learn a route, and just start hammering away at it. There are plenty of games that have routes that can be completed by intermediate level speedrunners in a half hour or so, so that’s a great place to start. Just don’t go overboard and decide to make your first speedrun venture something like a 10+ hour RPG. We aren’t saying you can’t eventually get there, but if you are new, it might be best to start small.

Glitch hunt

Speedrunning isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to the speedrunning community. Speedrunners depend on glitch hunters to really break games apart. Many speedrunners are glitch hunters as well, but some people prefer to spend most of their time just trying to find any skip, glitch, or exploit a game has to handle.

Where do you start glitch hunting? Well, you can always stumble upon some strange behavior in a game and try to replicate it. However, if you really want to add to the community, search for bounties. Many speedrunners put out bounties on important skips and exploits that can push the community forward in interesting ways.

Just know that you probably won’t be able to hunt for these bounties by turning on a game and fooling around. Many people are running games in emulators and watching memory addresses change in real time as they glitch hunt. It’s kind of “Matrix-y” if you think about it.

Develop a new type of playthrough/run

When in doubt, do something stupid. Try playing through one of your favorite games blindfolded. Maybe try playing two games at the same time. Play a game in multiplayer with one player holding both controllers. There are all sorts of strange feats you can attempt. Heck, one runner became obsessed with beating Super Mario 64 without jumping.

This is actually a great way to really make a splash in the gaming community without directly competing with someone. Just try something new and then all of a sudden, you will be the record to beat.

Start streaming

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an expensive game streaming setup to start streaming your favorite games. If you have a halfway decent PC, you can start streaming with built in software from platforms like Steam. You can also stream to Twitch directly from many game consoles, like PS4 and Xbox One. Just open up your gaming experiences to your friends and it will be like you are all gaming in the same room together.

And if you want to take your streaming to the next level, we have several guides about getting started with basic streaming software. Maybe you’ll take off and become the next Twitch star.

Choreograph a rhythm game routine

Keeping fit is important when isolated inside. You could build a home gym, or do push-ups, or dust off those old Tae-Bo VHS tapes, but real gamers play rhythm games to keep themselves in shape. There’s plenty of options: Beat Saber, Pistolwhip, heck we wouldn’t blame you if you broke out the old DDR dance mat. Do an hour of these once a day and you’ll shed the pounds.

But maybe you want something more out of your rhythm game experience. Maybe you don’t want to get fit, but you’d rather just show off. That’s what rhythm game choreography is for. There is a long history of rhythm game choreography, stretching back to when people would suddenly do backflips over the stabilizing bar on DDR arcade cabinets. However, the tradition is well alive today, with Beat Saber experts choreographing routines that insert flips, spins, jumps, and all sorts of acrobatics into their A ranking routine.

Create a magnum opus in a maker game

The big problem with “maker” games like Super Mario Maker is that you actually have to… make… things. It takes a long time to create anything worth noticing in those games, and aside from time, it also takes a lot of rigorous testing and tons of revisions. You’d be forgiven if you simply didn’t have the time to sink into it before.

But now you do! So if Super Mario Maker 2 is your jam, we have a few guides for you to check out. But there are plenty of other “maker” games to fool around with. Mega Maker is a great Mega Man development engine, and it’s free, and if you want even more freedom, you can always try out Media Molecule’s Dreams.

Learn a game design engine and create your first indie game

Or you can just skip the maker games all together and just, you know, make a game. There are lots of game design engines out there that are friendly to newcomers. Everything from RPG Maker to Game Maker Studio to Unity are simple to pick up and just dive into. Not to mention, there are plenty of tutorials out there that will teach you how to bring a simple idea into reality.

Heck, many designers will get a proof of concept game out in three days during game jams. You have a few weeks of time on your hands!

Do anything in Minecraft

Honestly, take your pick. Minecraft has produced some of the most impressive and yet weird feats of creation the world has ever seen. We have seen a complete topological map of the world built in Minecraft. We saw computers built out of redstone, to the point that someone built an emulator that could play Pokémon Red. We even saw Minecraft built in Minecraft. Frankly, we aren’t going to judge you for your creations. Want to make a giant size replica of Shia LeBouf’s face? Go for it man.

Start writing about games

And for our last suggestion, if all else fails you can do… this! You probably have some opinion that you are just dying to share with the gaming world. Put it down on paper, or at the very least a Google doc. Maybe even pitch it to an outlet. That way, the next time we are quarantined, you can post your 12 best ways to spend the time gaming.

But let’s hope we don’t have another quarantine like this anytime soon.